Cafe Review: Peer Coffee Roaster

Today's post will be short and sweet. Just the way some people like their coffee.
I have only been to Peer Coffee Roaster once and got a take out at the time so I can't write too in depth about the experience, but I hope the pictures convince you to visit.

I stumbled across Peer Coffee Roaster while walking through the back alleys of Hannam-Dong. Many times my exploring doesn't result in much success, but this was a great find. I was actually on my way somewhere but I had to stop for some pictures and coffee. It was a hot day so their iced americano really hit the spot. I can't say much about their beans or other drinks but they have a cozy space which was a nice oasis from the heat. I really want to go back again and maybe update this post. From their facebook page it looks like they are starting to sell cartoned cold brew much like Stumptown and Blue Bottle do. I'm curious to see how this sells in Seoul and whether or not it will be the next big thing to hit every cafe in Seoul. The trend seems to be that once something is popular at one cafe, everyone does it. With the beautiful Spring weather right around the corner there's no better time for cold brew than now.

(Note: It was a real struggle not to insert any "peer" puns into this post.)

More information on their locations and hours can be found here: