Caffeinated Explorations 2016: I promise to drink more coffee

Let's start this off with a "Happy New Year!" and maybe at the same time a "Why haven't you posted anything in over half a year, what's wrong with you?". Both would be fitting statements to anybody remotely following this blog. It is indeed a new year and by checking my last post, I see that I haven't posted in about 6 months. I accept both of these statements.

So as we enter this new year with fresh ambitions and improbable resolutions, I hope to be posting more about coffee. I will turn over a new leaf... or should I say coffee leaf? My new years resolution will be to drink more coffee which sounds like a fun resolution except that I work 6 days a week, making it a little hard to find time. This means finding free time to go out into the jungle that is Seoul and start drinking more coffee. This is a challenge I accept and definitely falls into the category of "first world problems" so I really can't complain. My goal other than to drink excessive amounts of coffee is still to sift through the millions of cafes in Seoul so that you don't have to.

On a side note, "Caffeinated Explorations 2016" sounds like the title of a bad sci-fi movie that I certainly would not pay to watch. If I was bored on the weekend and it came on while flipping through channels, I might watch it. But still I probably wouldn't.

So there you have it, as this post indicates there should be more coffee related posts coming soon. I am open to any cafe recommendations or content you would like to see on this blog. Message me if you have any ideas!

So here's to the year 2016: the year of the monkey and coffee