About Me


Welcome to Caffeinated Explorations. I'm Daniel, the one doing the explorations while highly caffeinated (the best way to do most things in my opinion). As the name suggests this blog is dedicated to reviewing and exploring cafes around the world. I travel quite a bit but since I currently live in Seoul, South Korea, most of the cafes will probably located here. (this is a lie, I am now in LA so expect some more reviews from here)

I have a bit of a complicated background and I've spent most of my life between Japan, England, Germany, US, Cambodia and now Korea. I still haven't quite figured out where to call home. I get asked that a lot and usually give some basic answer so I won't get asked any more questions but in all honesty I don't know how to answer that question. Since graduating from college in the US, I have lived and worked in Cambodia with my wife and most recently have moved to South Korea.

When I was introduced to hand drip coffee and specialty coffee a few years ago, I instantly knew it was going to become an obsession. I wanted to know all about it and educate myself on hand drip, aeropress, roasting beans etc. I obviously had drank coffee before that but this new knowledge took everything to a different level. I think I am so curious about it because of how elaborate and diverse the whole coffee process is. Its a global beverage involving global people and that is definitely something I can identify with. Maybe I take comfort in the fact that something that looks simple like a cup of coffee is actually far from ordinary and requires a really complex process.

Besides coffee I am passionate about football (soccer), graphic design, good music, and spending time with my family and friends. I'm sure all these topics will come up at some point during my posts.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and that they will lead you to good coffee!